IntelliStore v2.29.1 released

  • By Richard Coyle
  • 13-02-2015
  • IntelliStore, Releases, POS, HeadOffice, BackOffice

Version 2.29.1 of IntelliStore POS, Back Office and Head Office is now available.

This version contains:

  • New unique identifiers in email alerts to enable integration with Servicedeskify
  • New changes to gift card messages
  • Bugfix connection issues with 3rd party software under certain circumstances no longer sends emails
  • Bugfix POS version recording now happens once a day
  • Bugfix retro loyalty vouchers can now be successfully redeemed using the new barcode format
  • New estimated margin changes when recording waste
  • New automatic orders can now reduce forecasted sales when analysing the dynamic promotion types
  • New department profit report estimated margin changes
  • New changes to stock movements report
  • New estimated margin changes to EOD process
  • New OPR report estimated margin changes
  • New margin report estimated margin changes
  • New DWA extract changes for estimated margin
  • New product maintenance estimated margin changes
  • New an additional date check is now made for promotion batches
  • Bugfix department added to subtotal
  • Bugfix margin report cost fix
  • Bugfix cash balance report fix for user 0
  • Bugfix windows HHT label type fix
  • Bugfix hierarchy no longer defaulted for new products
  • Bugfix barcode owner fix for item sales report
  • Bugfix scheduler service memory error fix
  • New confirmation prompt for store removal from planograms
  • Bugfix new product based on now adds to misc batch
  • Bugfix prevent editing of tracker offers at back office

Full details can be found on the v2.29.1 release page.