Buy 9 Drinks And Get Your 10th Drink Free

  • By Richard Coyle
  • 24-02-2015
  • IntelliStore, CoffeeShop, Promotions

A new promotion template has been introduced with IntelliStore v2.29.

Mainly designed for coffee shops that offer a loyalty stamp, where their 10th (configurable) purchase is free, but it can also be used for other scenarios as well.

This template requires IntelliStore Head Office, and allows you to say to customers, “buy 9 drinks across any of our stores and get your 10th free”. However its more powerful than this, allowing your customers to buy a number of items and get a specific reward.

These details (including the date and time, store number, till number, operator number, and transaction number) will be available for viewing on the customers screen at Head Office in IntelliStore v2.30.

More information on this new functionality is available in the release notes.